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  • EPISODE 1.1 - #GRACE
    In this introductory episode, host J. Currie will talk about the origin and mission of this project and introduce the team. Focus will be on the planning and preparations required to get a trip like this off the ground. It will include clips from various planning meetings, zoom calls and the process of getting the vehicles ready to go. Team morale is high in anticipation of adventures to come.
    The journey begins in South Africa, where the team comes together for the first time. Beginning in Cape Town, the team heads north and travels through South Africa. They explore each members hashtag, working through #Grace, #Unity, #Experience, #Challenge, #Passion, #Courage, #Connection, #Expression, #Faith, #Adventure, #ConsciousTravel. Viewers will get to know the team as they get to know each other, all while navigating a new adventure at every turn.
    Mainly known for its 1,500 miles of coastal access, Mozambique is said to have “the most beautiful coastline in the world.” The team will travel down this coastline using the country's many eco lodges as bases to explore how this country manages tourism in a sustainable way. Viewers can expect a healthy dose of watersports, stunning ocean sunsets and lots of fun.
    In this episode we follow the team as they use adventures to make their way through Malawi. We also seek to learn what adventure means to local people, and perhaps even participate in some. Adventures can take us to incredible places and introduce us to amazing people, but they also show us new possibilities within ourselves. Come join us in Malawi and maybe even do some exploring of your own.
    To travel is an act of Faith. While traveling, we surrender to the magic of the road trusting in our destiny. The team opens their eyes and their hearts to encounter the reality of the moment through which we experience authentic and deeper experiences. In this episode, we will be enthralled by the wonders of Tanzania, as they explore its unique culture, religious traditions and beauty. Connect with our team as we cultivate our humility, our humanity and our spirituality.
    In our journey through Rwanda with the team, it is clear that this small country has big dreams. From its majority female government and innovative public health initiatives to growing artistic movements and unique environmental solutions, Rwanda is shaping its identity on its own terms. In Rwanda, we see a nation unafraid to express itself - and unwilling to wait for a better future when it can start building one right now.
    In the West, we often feel we are drowning in a sea of superficial connections, and finding a meaningful one is like finding a desert oasis. In this episode the team opens itself up to Ugandan ideas on how family and community connections are created, maintained, and valued. As this is the midpoint of the journey, the team will also be exploring what bonds they have formed and strengthened thus far.
    In this episode we follow the team as they explore living through the heart - as individuals, as a team, and as a nation. The team explores natural landscapes long protected by the Kenyan people, ancient architecture and structures that show how Kenya has advanced as a country, and interact with wildlife essential to Kenyan's ability to thrive economically and sustainably. This episode incorporates a multitude of perspectives on Kenya, each offering a glimpse into its vibrant heart.
    Ethiopia has become a symbol for African independence due in part to its avoidance of western colonization. As such, this country is host to many stakeholders in the future of Africa, including the United Nations HQ and many NGOs. To learn more about their work, the team takes us to visit various projects fighting issues like deforestation and water shortages. The team will meet with local experts for deeper insight on dealing passionately with the ongoing challenges both in Ethiopia and Africa as a whole.
    Years of conflict have kept travelers away, but this country and its people may surprise you. Sudan is a developing nation facing many challenges in regard to inequality. The team shows us how the women’s empowerment movement is making a difference and that the fears you face don’t need to become your limits. Our time in Sudan is a testament to the power of leaving our comfort zones, and to the ways it changes us for the better.
    The season comes to a close in Egypt, where history runs deep and the present is always in motion. We follow the team one last time through mountains, temples and ruins, as they visit communities continuing to adapt to their natural and social challenges. In this episode we explore what it means to live in a region where constant change and ancient identities live side by side.


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