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The Series
The Facts
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The mission


G2A: Cape Town to Cairo is a moving, 11-episode, travel docu-series hosted by J. Currie (aka The Frugal Nomad) and a diverse team of eco-explorers as they attempt to travel more than six thousand miles, through 10 African countries in hopes of igniting a profound personal transformation.


Every member of the team will experience as much of the local food, culture and geography as time will allow and let the spirit of Africa and its people provide them with the greatest challenge – and opportunity for growth - of their lives. 


Will J and his fellow explorers endure the relentless string of obstacles ahead? Will their limited resources be enough to reach Cairo? And what effect will this immersive and, at times, deeply inspiring expedition across Africa have on the team?  


Across the east coast of Africa, we visit


  • Sustainable agriculture sites

  • Fairtrade projects and "Small Holder Farms"

  • Wildlife conservation sites

  • Leaders fighting climate change through policy

  • Governmental environmental initiatives

  • Sustainable businesses

  • Eco-lodges

  • Sustainable arts organizations


The myriad initiatives highlighted in G2A are an invitation to create meaningful conversation and action within communities, and across continents. Viewers are prompted to follow their inspiration through engaging, supporting, and participating in whatever way they feel called to.


Africa’s deep roots in sustainability are often left unrepresented in western mainstream media. The Growing series begins there for this very reason.


Now more than ever, it’s important for this world to see and support initiatives that are both effective and inspiring. In order to combat the climate crisis as well as restructure the very foundation of our institutions on a local and global scale, we must learn from and Grow with each other.


Essentially, a global initiative only works with global understanding. Growing to Africa sets out to showcase and spotlight the eco-projects, sustainable initiatives, and environmentally regenerative structures in place throughout this cross-continental journey.


Our mission is to explore the interconnected nature of environmentalism, social justice, fair labor practices, and circular economy under the umbrella of sustainability. We strive to inform and inspire our audience, and to create direct lines of action to support and engage with all of the incredible organizations, companies and initiatives we connect with along the way. Growing to Africa is a journey of sustainability and personal growth - hopefully it will help viewers Grow too.

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